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17.01.14 | Posted by B

Subaquatic Ape Theory
Fine audio/collage mix by Andrew Pekler
Equipo Humano Uno is on the playlist

Aquí / Here
21.12.12 | Posted by B

Great honour
Nemad Mufor is on the Toys and Techniques 2012 list
09.11.11 | Posted by B

Natty Ladies!
Mixtape by Mr. F.S.Blumm
Please check out his Dub Band QQD
Thank you Frank!
01.Warrior Queen
02.Lady Apache
04.Shelly Thunder
05.Sister Nancy
06.Sister Carol
07.Monie Love
08.Lady Saw
09.Queen Ifrica
10.Major Lazer feat. Collie Buddz & Lindi Ortega
11.Girlie & Laurel Aitken
12.Ms Thing
13.Soom T with Mungo’s Hi Fi

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12.03.11 | Posted by B

Poprebop Playlist dedicated to:

The man says
01.Smerf Wak Head Beat
02.The Mummy's Shroud
03.De Materialize
04.Round 5
05.Ghost Of Frankenstein
06.Tribute To Moa Ambassa
07.Love You Dub
08.Having Fun With The Klingons
09.C-3PO + R2-D2 = The Force
11.Lazer In The Sky Dub

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01.09.10 | Posted by B

Voice of Thunder
Poprebop Playlist dedicated to:
Prince Far I
On-U Sound Stuff Only

Interview with Adrian Sherwood
01.Singers & Players - Virgin
02.Singers & Players - Merchant Ship
03.Creation Rebel - In I Father's House
04.Singers & Players - Quanté Jubila
05.African Head Charge - Far Away Chant
06.Singers & Players - Water The Garden
07.Singers & Players - Prodigal Son
08.Singers & Players - Dog Park
09.Singers & Players - 91 Vibration
10.Singers & Players - Bedward The Flying Preacher

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24.02.10 | Posted by B

Great mixtape by Matias Rossi from Bradien
Specially made for Poprebop. Thanks!
01.John Baker - Electro-Rhythm MQ LP13
02.Tim Perkis - August 3rd Music
03.Desmond Leslie - Invention Of The Weapon
04.The Focus Group - Planning For Urban Green
05.Estupendo - Dame La Vuelta
06.Boredoms - Synthesizer Guide Book on Fire
07.Plinth - Victorian Machine Music 1
08.Big City Orchestra - Chime Thing
09.John Hegre & Maja Ratkje - Autumn Leaves
10.Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Zopf Pigtail
11.Nuno Canavarro - 15
12.Gum - Shimmer
13.Black To Comm - Trapez
14.Mike Cooper - A pattern Of Island
15.Beach Boys - Diamond Head
16.Gene Rains - Harbor Lights
17.Brigitte Fontaine - Encore1

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25.10.09 | Posted by B.

With all due respect
Poprebop Playlist dedicated to
Thelonious Sphere Monk
02.I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
03.It Don't Mean A Thing
04.W/ Miles Davis - Bags Groove
05.W/ Art Blakey - Evidence
06.W/ Dizzy and Bird - Bloomdido
07.Ruby My Dear
09.Straight No Chaser
10.Well You Needn't
11.Sophisticated Lady
12.'Round Midnight

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26.07.09 | Posted by B

One from the vault!
Dub Corao se formó en Palma de Mallorca en Mayo
de 2001 y anduvo por ahí hasta mediados del 2003
este EP a fines de 2001
100 copias, uno a uno
20.06.09 | Posted by B.

Poprebop Playlist
Dedicated to McCarthy

Check McCarthy's lyrics and bio here
And an article from Tangents
01.The Drinking Song Of The Merchant Bankers
02.Now Is The Time For An Iron Hand
03.With One Eye On Getting Their Pay
04.Frans Hals
05.Red Sleeping Beauty
06.The Procession Of Popular Capitalism

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15.04.09 | Posted by B.

Interview with Steve Barrow
Co-founder of Blood & Fire Label

Poprebop Playlist
Dedicated to Blood & Fire
01.Morwell Meets King Tubby - Jah Star
02.Impact All Stars - Easy Come Dub
03.U Brown - Natty Hold The Handle
04.I Roy - Step On The Dragon
05.Scientist - No Dub Island
06.King Tubby - Empty Vessel Dub
07.Big Youth - Waterhouse Rock
08.Trinity - Hold Them Jah Jah
09.Ja Man - Poor Man Skank
10.The Congos - Children Crying
11.Gregory Isaacs Featuring Dillinger - Take A Dip
12.Tappa Zukie - Way Over In Dub

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28.03.09 | Posted by B

Amazing list of interviews
on Perfect Sound Forever Magazine

A few favourites:
Linton Kwesi Johnson
Mark Perry
Stephen Pastel
David Toop