Poprebop 005
Split Cassette : : : September 2010
F.S Blumm | Up Up Treasures
Bradien | Trim
F.S.Blumm was digging up treasures on his old tapes and mini-discs: recordings from the road, recordings from the store-room. You will hear Blumm making music in a tent , in a van, in a hotel, in a kitchen, in a toy-store... and whenever. You will hear a little child talking: this is not an overdub, it is Blumm's son Wenzel talking into the recording. You will also hear a sweet-potato seller in Kioto, lots of car horns in New-Delhi or a dynamophone in the Berlin-Museum of Technology. Precious remains, tiny audio dregs, sparkling remnants. Please enjoy.
F.S.Blumm | Up Up Treasures
Best of musical sketches and field-recordings [2000 - 2010]

1.Up Up [21:33]
Everything by F.S.Blumm, except:
Robert Kretzschmar - Brushes [0:00 - 1:15]
Pastor Leumund - Organ [0:00 - 0:26]
Bernt Nellen - Drums [2:43 - 3:48]
Balbini - Bass [6:00 - 7:52]
Pope - Trumpet [7:29 - 9:53]
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After finishing the mixes for Linden, we in Bradien began to talk about the posibility of preparing another recording that would represent what, for us, had been left out of that album. With this premise in mind, we started gathering ideas, sounds, recordings, melodies, loops and instruments, until we managed to finish these songs. In the end, on Trim there are 5 + 1 remix which, in our view, use the context to a great extent in order to take shape.
Bradien | Trim

2.Naan Routine
3.Ponte ATF
4.Telephone Travel [Bradien Remix]
Matias Rossi | Balbini | Pope
Telephone Travel Originally By Dosimat
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